Ye Mantram Vesave Review: A Desperate Effort To Impress Audience Meets Epic Failure

Ye Mantram Vesave Review: A Desperate Effort To Impress Audience Meets Epic Failure

Ye Mantram Vesave Review: A below par movie with terrible production values and an improper script is a sure-shot speed breaker for Vijay Deverakonda.

The intention of the film Ye Mantram Vesave is good. The storyline is different than run-of-the-mill ones but the execution is terribly poor.

The initial part of Ye Mantram Vesave is full of scenes of social obsessed media youths. They engage in video chat, flirt etc. Gradually film shifts focus on to gaming world and bring in treasure hunt concept laced to the love track between the lead couple. Then another thread, dark side of the social media has been projected and has been used to convey some message towards the end.

Movie: Ye Mantram Vesave

Release Date: 9th March 2018

Director: Shridhar Marri

Music Director:  Abdus Samad

Production: Golisoda Films

Cast: Vijay Deverakonda, Shivani


Ragamalika aka Rags (Shivani Singh) is a video game designer who wants to try differently than the violent gaming world. Often discouraged by the management she still aspires to come up with a novel game concept with realistic city hunt approach. Nikhil aka Nikky (Vijay Deverakonda) is a game freak and online flirt who spends months of time marathon gaming or in scouting chatrooms for girls.

After betting with friends, Nikky’s aim is to drag Rags to love. Rags being a game designer, plays a treasure hunt like love challenge with Nikky. His first level of the game is to identify her by the evening, there is a villains group to lure innocent girls online, in the name of love, eventually to auction them to foreigners. This group gatecrashes into Nikky – Rags love game and rest of the story is how things unfold between these three.


The only positive feature for this flick is its contemporary and very different storyline. The concept is very fresh and new in the ranks but without proper backing, it fails to make an impression. Young actor Vijay is good in his looks but has a limitation for performance. His characterization will be a disappointment for his fans. Debutante Shivani Singh is an adequate fit for the urbane characterization but beauty-wise doesn’t have appealing features. Due to very low budget, rest of the casting is sub-par, not even of teleserial quality.


The twist in the climax which is the whole break even point to justify the whole film is not convincing. If this story had an appropriate budget, a professional director, and technicians, it would be an appreciable attempt. But the amateurish direction is sub-par to even YouTube short filmmaking skills. It seems to be the main drawback, following drastically poor production values. Never in its 122 minutes duration, you can enjoy the cinematic experience. There are three songs mingling into story flow, don’t stand out much. The title ‘Ye mantram vesave ‘is a clickbait one with no relevance to the story-line. By looking at the title, if anyone expects any regular love story elements, they’ll be up for big disappointment.


‘Ye Mantram Vesave ‘is hardly a youtube short film in terms of quality. Though the intended message about social media addiction is appropriate, rest of the film has no cinematic value at all. This backlog film of Vijay Deverekonda is a huge disappointment and a speed breaker film in his career.