Yami Gautam Pulls Off An Amazing Dame Tu Cosita On Musical.ly: Watch Now

Yami Gautam Pulls Off An Amazing Dame Tu Cosita On Musical.ly: Watch Now

The beautiful Bollywood star, Yami Gautam also takes the Dance With The Alien challenges and shakes her booty to Dame Tu CoSita via Musical.ly

The Dame Tu CoSita challenge on the outrageously rave Musical.ly App is a phenomenon now. Like a bunch of celebrities, Yami Gautam has also joined the alien party.

What is Dame Tu CoSita? Why is everyone so obsessed with it, including Yami Gautam?

It comes from a song called “Dame Tu Cosita” included in the 1998 album “Cuentos de la Cripta Vol. 2” (Tales from the Crypt Vol. 2″, by El Chombo, a Panamanian DJ.

It literally means “Give me your small/little thing”, however, the usage varies from region to region. However, in this context, the meaning has sexual undertones.

We still don’t understand what is with the obsession? But the celebrities are rocking it! Maybe without understanding the true meaning(or the underlying meaning) of the lyrics. Anyway, who cares? We are obsessive as well to watch our favorite stars grooving to it.

Bollywood actress Yami Gautam has shared a fun video on her Instagram where she is seen dancing alongside an alien.  Well, the actress has used the popular social networking app ‘Musical.ly’. And we are not surprised a bit!

In the video, the actress is showing her funny moves on a track with two of her friends in the left. Whereas on the other side, as per expectations, the slinky green alien is grooving on the number.

Before Yami, several other celebrities have also promoted the app on their social media account. Television actress Divyanka Tripathi had shared a similar dance video using the app recently.

Cricketer Rohit Sharma, comedian Mallika Dua and noted singer Anu Malik’s daughter are few others who have shared videos on the social media using the popular app.

The Dance with the alien challenge is surely alluring people and Musical.ly is on a high!