Woman Beaten By Husband For Eloping With Lover: Tied To A Tree And Beaten Up

Woman Beaten By Husband For Eloping With Lover: Tied To A Tree And Beaten Up

In a shocking incident, a video shows a woman beaten up by her husband while being tied to a tree. The act took place in Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh.

In an unpleasant and brutal act, a woman beaten brutally in UP while being tied to a tree.

A village panchayat in Bulandshahr district of western Uttar Pradesh ordered the beating of a woman for allegedly having an affair and eloping with her lover. The act was captured in a video. the disturbing video has gone viral ever since it came out. We can see in the video scores of people. Mostly men – congregated to see the dismal display of brutality.  The husband of the woman has tied her hands to a tree. And furiously beats her unabatedly while she wails in pain with each blow on her body. The woman beaten furiously had a few injuries.

Some of the onlookers were even smiling while no one inched up to stop the heinous act.

According to reports, a village panchayat of the Bulandshahr district had ordered the beating of the woman on March 10. The reason being, she was suspected of having an affair. Her crime and punishment were decided by the panchayat – one of the countless kangaroo courts that populate India’s countryside.

The video, reportedly shot by one of the villagers, was widely circulated this week. It is a full house as people circle around the scene, watching the woman being beaten up for more than a minute.