Vodafone too has a Diwali gift for its customers: Vodafone Red 499 Unlimited Plan.

Vodafone too has a Diwali gift for its customers: Vodafone Red 499 Unlimited Plan.

Vodafone has come up with a new RED 499 Unlimited Plan to counter the Diwali special offers provided by rivals Airtel and Reliance Jio.

The British multinational telecommunications company, Vodafone recently rolled out a new Rs 399 plan to counter rivals. This move is an answer to Airtel and Reliance Jio’s Diwali special offers. The plan offers 90GB of data and unlimited calling for just Rs 399.

The consumers can avail the plans from the company website under the Vodafone Red 499 Unlimited plan.

Vodafone Red Unlimited Plans.

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Ever since the news came out, there’s been a lot of buzz around the plan being a hoax and claims that Vodafone has no such offers planned for its subscribers. This made us reach out to Vodafone to confirm the existence of this new plan. Meanwhile Vodafone replied to a trusted source in an email:

“Vodafone is offering a monthly Rs 499 rental (excluding tax) postpaid plan to its prepaid customers who are looking to move to postpaid, at a monthly discount of Rs 100 per month for 6 months.

In this plan the customer will get unlimited Local & STD calls along with 5GB data. For 4G handset users additional 60 G.B. Data (10 GB per month for 6 months) will be available through My Vodafone App. So total data in 6 months is 90GB for 4G handset users.

This plan is valid only for our customers who convert from Vodafone prepaid to postpaid in Delhi Circle only and is valid till 31st Oct’17.”

Therefore, the Rs 399 plan with unlimited calling and 90GB of data is not a monthly plan, but a Rs 499 plan with a discount of Rs 100 per month and 90GB of data spread across six months at 10GB per month. However, this offer is only valid for those customers who migrate from prepaid to postpaid accounts. Other offers under the Red plans go up to a max of Rs 2,999. The 3k plan offers unlimited calling and a whopping 420GB for six months. You can also visit the Vodafone website for more details on the new plans! For more details click here!!