Unni Mukundan transforms for ‘Chanakya Thanthram’ and it is really interesting – Find Out More On His Makeover!

Unni Mukundan transforms for ‘Chanakya Thanthram’ and it is really interesting – Find Out More On His Makeover!

Actor Unni Mukundan’s makeover for ‘Chanakya Thanthram’ is going viral! Watch the special clip as Unni Mukundan gets into character for his upcoming flick.

Women’s beauty products, brushes and creams, long clip-on eyelashes, a variety of nail polish bottles and more. At first glance, there is no mistaking the fact that these are women’s beauty products. Just as one may begin to think it is a women’s salon or a make-up desk for women, Malayalam actor Unni Mukundan enters.

The Malayalam actor walks in and comfortably takes the “hot seat.” In the next few minutes, his stubble is shaved off, people hover over Unni Mukundan, who is wincing in pain as his eyebrows are threaded.

With perfectly styled hair, lip colour and a nose pin, Unni soon transforms into his character Karishma, a role he essays in the upcoming film Chanakya Thanthram.

The makers of the film have released a short video on YouTube, showing the actor’s makeover and it has soon gained popularity online.

The 1.36-minute video chronicles Unni’s transformation into Karishma. Be it shedding his stubble for the role or threading his eyebrows to perfection, Unni is a sport!

At the end of the make-over session, Unni’s transformation as Karishma is complete as he is clad in a light pink saree and mid-length hair.

Unni Mukundan shared the film’s poster on his Facebook page on Sunday.

Referring to his character Karishma, Unni wrote that “the journey towards her was pretty damn painful.”

“But now that I have met her, I admit, the pain was worth it!! Bless Me and Bless Her,” he added.

Good Morning ☺Here's My Better Half, Karishma 😍The journey towards her was pretty damn painful, but Now that I have…

Posted by Unni Mukundan on Saturday, 17 February 2018

Directed by Kannan Thamarakkulam, Chanakya Thanthram has Sshivada and Shruthi Ramachandran playing the female leads. According to an interview given by the director, Unni Mukundan will be seen in four looks throughout the film, one of which is Karishma. Chanakya Thanthram has been labelled as a “romantic thriller” by its makers.

Speaking about the film  Kannan had previously said.

“Sshivada will be doing a modern character which she has not done in Malayalam cinema so far. Her character is the CEO of a big company and also a strong woman.”

Sruthi will be romancing Unni Mukundan and is an innocent girl with a good heart. She is also an orphan”. The director confirms the news.