U.P. Board students write odes of their love, attach currency notes and gain sympathy: Read More

U.P. Board students write odes of their love, attach currency notes and gain sympathy: Read More

The students of U.P. Board have come up with imaginative and dramatic methods of wooing examiners. Some write love stories while some attach currency notes.

Every year U.P. Board exams bring a hilarious mix of things. With students getting innovative, we are coming across several ways of entertaining examiners.

From accusing romance for lack of preparedness to sympathizing in the absence of a father in life the blend is full of all. U.P. Board students have left behind strategic messages with their answer sheets, not to mention currency notes.

The imagination and drama are surreal. “I love my Pooja,” writes a student of U.P. Board’s intermediate exam in bold as he begins answering his chemistry paper.

“Yeh mohabbat bhi kya cheez hai, na jeene deti hai aur na marne… Sir, iss love story ne padhai se duur kar diya warna…,” the examinee goes on to explain in detail.

The proper translation:

(This love is a strange thing. It doesn’t let you live nor does it allow you to die; Sir, this love story didn’t let me study for the exam, or else…)

Rest of the answer sheet is blank except for a beautiful drawing of a heart and surely an arrow piercing through it. It’s really hilarious 🙂

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Well, he is not the only one who chose to describe in great detail chemistry of his own relationship rather than care for some poor John Dalton or Dmitri Mendeleev.

Taking chemistry to a different level of reactions to feelings while using exam sheets as a catalyst. These bright students have created their own periodic table. U.P. Board exams are fun to evaluate.

Muzaffarnagar district inspector of schools Munesh Kumar said,

“Yes, we are getting currency notes stapled with answer sheets and some weird messages.”

“Guruji ko copy kholne se pehle namaskar. Guruji, pas kar dein. Chitthi tu ja sir ke pass, sir ki marzi fail karein ya pass”. The examinee writes.

The original translation:

(Accept my greetings before you begin to check this answer sheet. Please pass me. O, my letter, you fly to the teacher, it’s up to him if he fails me or not.)

One student made an emotional appeal.

“I have got no mother and my father will kill me you fail me.” Another student threatens to commit suicide if he fails.

An anonymous  Meerut-based government teacher shares:

“Most of the messages are written to attract sympathy and also attaching currency notes is a regular phenomenon that has been occurring for years now.”

Meanwhile, March 17 was the date of commencement of the evaluation process. So far, over 60 lakh copies have been evaluated. A total of 248 centers are designated across the state for evaluation and more than 5.5 crore copies of classes X and XII students are being checked by 1.46 lakh teachers for the U.P. Board.

Results of Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Board exams this year are expected early in the third week of April to facilitate further admission for students.