Supreme Court Sides With Priya Prakash – ‘No Case Should Be Registered In Such Cases’

Supreme Court Sides With Priya Prakash – ‘No Case Should Be Registered In Such Cases’

Supreme Court In Favor Of Priya Prakash after a Muslim community raised sentimental questions. No Case Should Be Registered In Such Cases

Priya Prakash Varrier became an overnight star after her video from her film Oru Adaar Love went viral on the social media. The song named Manikya Malaraya Poovi featuring Priya where her eye-to-eye romance with her classmate and her wink stole millions of hearts.

The video went viral within a blink of eye and fans couldn’t stop gushing over Priya’s wink making them all crazy. Priya’s Instagram followers multiplied in millions within no time.

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However, with the overnight stardom, there came problems. Especially when a Muslim community raised questions against the song’s lyrics as they were hurting their religious sentiments. The protestors demanded to take down the track from the film. An FIR against the makers of the film and the song composers is also enroute.

The case has reached to Supreme Court now and it has agreed to an urgent hearing of a petition by Priya who is seeking the quashing of FIRs lodged against her and the filmmakers.

The court stated that it will hear the plea tomorrow, after Priya Prakash’s advocate Haris Beeran requested an urgent hearing on the petition.

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The film is yet to be in final stages has the Supreme Court under the scanner since Monday. Two more FIRs were lodged, one by the secretary of Raza Academy with Mumbai Police. And another by Janjagran Samithi at Jinsi police station in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad. This forced Priya Prakash Varrier, director Omar Abdul Wahab and producer Joseph Valakuzhy Eapen to move the S.C.  Through advocate Beeran. They invoked artists’ fundamental right to speech and expression and sought quashing of the FIRs.

Meanwhile, the director stated, “What is hard to fathom is that a song which has been in existence for the past 40 years, which was written, sung and cherished by the Muslim community in Kerala, is now being termed as an insult to the Prophet and his wife.”

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The petitioners exclaim.  “The film ‘Oru Adaar Love’ is yet to be complete and investment of Rs. 1.5 crore is already in it. Such flimsy and baseless complaints and FIRs cause nothing but a hindrance to the freedom of speech and expression.”

Well, let’s see what happens next! Stay tuned for the latest update on this case!