No Entry for Software Engineers into Bangalore: State enforces ban to tackle traffic congestion!

No Entry for Software Engineers into Bangalore: State enforces ban to tackle traffic congestion!

With ban of cab sharing and pillion rider in effect the state government is all set to ban immigrant IT engineers from other states. Step to counter traffic.

In the time of increasing pollution and population, Karnataka government have decided to bring more vehicles on road by banning pillion riding. State government already filed an affidavit in Karnataka High Court regarding the issue. Bikes with single seat mean more bikes on roads and ultimately bad traffic situations in the state. Bikes and scooters which are inclusive in the ban are up to 100cc. Seems like a major issue for all the aspiring IT Engineers and people from various job profiles working to meet ends.

Meanwhile not to forget the infamous cab sharing ban. Carpooling, one of the most popular services offered by app-based cab aggregators including Ola and Uber is off the roads in Bengaluru. According to CM Siddaramaiah the ban of the very popular OLA share and UBER pool will help the city. The move beneficial for the city will reduce the carbon footprint. In addition to that the government claims the legitimacy of the services.

The public suffers with this move which results in even more catastrophic traffic. As it is the commuters are at risk with potholes and unorganized traffic. Insufficient public transport for the city with rusty buses and just a piece of metro are adding to the misery. All of this just seemed enough when the state decided to place another ban.

Along with this, Karnataka government is Ready to ban Entry of Software Engineers in Bangalore.

According to a Notification on Official website, Government is preparing to ban Engineers in Bangalore, Reason behind the decision is “They are exploiting the environment by riding and by using services like Ola/Uber in already bad traffic conditions.” According to the government, Only Engineers are adding to pollution.

According to an official, Engineers who come from Northern states are the threat to the environment in Karnataka, especially in Banglore. Also, they are imposing their culture on us, Along with their language, Hindi. In order to prevent all these things, Our government has decided to stop them from entering the state.

They come here for employment, Some get jobs some end up with startups which ultimately affect our surrounding. Opportunities are getting lesser for local people because of this.
The state government will forward affidavit regarding this issue to High court. Engineers residing in the state are protesting against the decision with help Of Engineers residing in neighboring states.