Viral Video: Siddaramaiah’s epic imitation of Modi entertains audience

Viral Video: Siddaramaiah’s epic imitation of Modi entertains audience

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah's hilarious and exact mimicry of PM Narendra Modi entertains crowd and raises valid questions. Watch The viral video!

“Sab ka saath, sab ka vikaas,” rumbles the leader in a familiar basso voice. If you’re not looking at the video, you would of course assume who the leader is. Who else but Prime Minister Narendra Modi, right?


The man speaking these words, in this instance, was Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. The leader channeled Modi to loud claps and cheers at a public event in Chikkodi recently, and the mocking is now breaking the internet.

Inaugurating the new office of the Government Tool and Training Centre in Chikkodi in Belagavi district on Wednesday, Siddaramaiah took the chance to take a strong dig at the PM and his promises of development.

So, he picked up another Modi trademark, exclaiming, “Acche din aayega!” He then asked “Kab aayega? Kisko aayega?… Have acche din come for any of you?” he asked, sending his listeners into waves of laughter and applause.

To top this off, the CM raised the PM’s famous promise that it would bring back all black money stashed abroad. And also deposit Rs 15 lakh in every Indian’s bank account within 100 days of coming to power. “Did he put even 15 paise in your account?” Siddaramaiah asked ruefully.

There has been no ‘sab ka vikaas’, no ‘acche din’, no Rs 15 lakh, he asserted.

And the mimicry was so on point, that it took us a minute to realise it was Siddaramaiah speaking, and not Modi!

Watch the viral video here:

According to reports, Siddaramaiah also took the opportunity to poke fun at Karnataka state BJP President BS Yeddyurappa, for his claims of distributing free sarees and free cycles.

With Karnataka set to go to the polls in May next year, both the Congress and the BJP have already began raising the campaign pitch.

For the BJP, which has successfully established its political dominance in the north of the country, Karnataka offers the promise of a gateway to the south. Meanwhile the Congress  is looking to retain one of the few major states where it has successfully remained in power.

The state BJP is currently undertaking a massive 75-day campaign tour across the Karnataka. It is called the Nava Karnataka Nirmana Parivarthana Yatra. The yatra, launched from Bengaluru on November 2 by B.J.P. National President Amit Shah, will cover all 224 constituencies in the state before returning to the capital on January 28.

CM Siddaramaiah, meanwhile, has asked all officials to concentrate on the government’s welfare-oriented policies. That include clearing government land encroachment, housing for SC, ST and O.B.C. Communities, Indira Canteens, ration card distribution, land sanctioning and distribution of land rights to the downtrodden and others.