Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s comparison of Washington and MP roads has raged Twitterati!

Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s comparison of Washington and MP roads has raged Twitterati!

Twitterati has barraged a series of trolls on the half-fact statement made by CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan who said roads in MP are better than Washington.

Well #MPRoads is really trending for a while now! If you are a public figure be very careful before stating anything. There is a very high probability that you will be trolled if  the facts aren’t right. Maybe Shivraj Singh Chouhan should be a little more careful next time.


Shivraj Singh Chouhan probably didn’t see that coming but a lot of trolls are on his way!

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that roads in Madhya Pradesh were better than those in the United States. During a seminar organised by the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum in Washington DC, the CM further said that his government had, in fact, connected villages in the state by constructing 1.75 lakh kilometres of roads. His statement, however, has generated a buzz on the Internet. Using the hashtag #MProads, people on Twitter are posting pictures of potholed roads of the state.

“Upon touch down at the Washington Airport and travel on the road, I felt the roads in Madhya Pradesh are better than the United States… I am saying this not just for the sake of saying.”. Chouhan told a business roundtable organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry and the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum in the US. Well the public pays complete attention to what politicians say. And Twitter is the best platform for netizens to share concerns.

Amused Twitter users were quick to take to social media. They were agile to remind the minister about the potholes on the roads closer home. And this came with the quintessential tongue-in-cheek humor that Twitter is popular for.

Check out some of the reactions here.


The #MPRoads is raging and trending as well! Stay alert popular people 🙂