Salman Khan’s Bodyguard Shera Gets Handsomely Paid For His Bravery!

Salman Khan’s Bodyguard Shera Gets Handsomely Paid For His Bravery!

Salman Khan's bodyguard Gurmeet Singh Jolly popularly known as Shera is not just an employee but Khan's family member and a celebrity.

Shera is one popular name that comes in association with Salman Khan!

Gurmeet Singh Jolly or lovingly popular as Shera is Salman Khan’s Cheif of defense aka bodyguard.

He has been with Salman for over two decades and his service is more than just an employee. Although he is on Salman’s payroll, Dabangg star considers him as a part of his family. Shera tags along with the actor everywhere he goes and protects him from his fans who try to grab Salman out of love. The bodyguard’s dedication is clearly visible when he clears the path by walking long distances.

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The reward for such effort is mighty as well. He annually earns Rs 2 crore and monthly his salary is Rs 16 lakh. He is that bodyguard who takes Salman’s security so seriously that he puts his life on the line. If the actor is supposed to be at some place the next day, he examines every inch of that place a day before. Few hours before Salman has to reach a place, he clears the road by walking kilometers.

Salman’s fond of Shera and his presence everywhere makes him no less than a celebrity. The brotherly bond between the two is very strong and Bhaijaan honors him as well. His dedication 2011 movie ‘Bodyguard’ to him for which Shera will be always grateful for is one of the gestures.

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For Shera, Salman’s security is the only priority. According to Shera, if a danger arrives at Salman, he will stand in front of him and protect the actor.

He also runs an agency named Tiger Security Services that provide high-end security to high-profile clients. Besides being Salman’s bodyguard, he has provided security to international celebrities such as Flash, Diana King, Bryan Adams, Paris Hilton, Justin Beiber and many more to name.

Salman Khan’s Jodhpur court hearing recently was just another day for Shera. He successfully accompanied Salman on Thursday for the verdict on the Black Buck Poaching Case. The actor is found guilty and will serve a 5-year jail time.