Roja Selvamani shares her keen interest to portray ‘Sivagami’ from ‘Bahubali’

Roja Selvamani shares her keen interest to portray ‘Sivagami’ from ‘Bahubali’

Roja regrets missing out on the pivotal role of Sivagami in Bahubali as she feels her attributes were ideal for the role.

The Bahubali fever is still to get down from the classes and masses alike. The much appreciated spectacle from SS Rajamouli has echoes of praises worldwide. And even the actress, host and the firebrand politician, Roja Selvamani cant stay away from the magnetic pull of Bahubali.

The very dynamic actress is an true inspiration to many for her bold actions. However, despite her dusky complexion which is sign of a  disadvantage in cinema, Roja went on to star in over 100 films. She is definitely one of the role models who change the stereo type of the industry. Her bold moves and caustic tongue has put her as a firm figurine in the Andhra Pradesh’s political circle. In short the veteran actress is ‘damsel in distress’in her movies and a ruthless politician in reality.

In a candid talk, Roja shared her thoughts where she revealed some fascinating interests of her on Baahubali and Arundhati.

When questioned of any film or role of the recent days that she felt like doing she directs Bahubali. She said that she regretted missing the role of Anushka in Arundhati as her features would have suited well for that role. When the topic of Ramya Krishna seen as Sivagami in Baahubali came up, she said that Ramya’s fame has gone worldwide with Baahubali. Roja reveals that her friends had high hopes for her regarding Baahubali. Meanwhile she adds that wouldn’t have done that best as Ramya Krishna did to the role, as such character can be portrayed elegantly only by her. But Roja regrets missing a character like Arundhati. Cany one imagine Sivagami without Ramya?

Roja Selvamani’s interest for Bahubali depicts the epic nature and the fan following the series has.