Viral Video: A Door in the Sky – Daredevil Redbull Aerial Stunt!

Viral Video: A Door in the Sky – Daredevil Redbull Aerial Stunt!

A Door in the Sky is a Redbull aerial acrobatics video on Youtube that features two wingsuit gliders entering an aircraft mid air!

A Door in the Sky

Here’s a mind-boggling stunt that looks like something out of a movie: two daredevils jump off a mountain, “fly” and land inside a plane flying over the Alps. And through a small door entry. Hard to believe anyone could pull off such a breathtaking stunt? Lucky for you, there’s video!

A video posted on YouTube by Red Bull shows France’s Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet begin with BASE jumping from the top of Jungfrau mountain, one of Europe’s highest mountains, in the Bernese Alps. The daring duo then glide through the air, using their wingsuits, and chase after a small plane.

The wing-suits are popular by the name ‘flying squirrel suits’. You can relate it from the popular transformers movie series where usually it is done using animations. But ‘A Door in the Sky’ is nothing but reality!

Then comes the stunt that’ll leave your heart in your mouth.

One by one, the men propel themselves into a Pilatus Porter light aircraft in mid-air. The timing is nothing if not perfect.

The daredevils say they spent several months training for the stunt, which they refer to as “A Door in the Sky.”

“It was the most intense project of our career,” Mr Reffet says. “We had to make the plane safe so we don’t hurt ourselves if we touch it. We also worked on the parachutes so they don’t open too fast in case we touch the plane. But the biggest risk was when we BASE jumped from the cliff. That’s why we wanted to train so much before going to the mountain. In total, we flew into the plane 20 times.”

Watch the daring stunt unfold below: A Door in the Sky

The video is an instant hit over the social media. Especially Facebook. With over 450,000 views already this super sport video is ruling the trending section!

Door in the Sky

This is what you do when you miss your flight.

Posted by Red Bull on Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Quite the adrenaline rush!