Rangasthalam Review: Retro Drama Thrives On Ram Charan’s Stellar Performance

Rangasthalam Review: Retro Drama Thrives On Ram Charan’s Stellar Performance

Rangasthalam Movie Review: Ram Charan single-handedly controls the rustic drama that features the rural Godavari during the 1980s.

Ram Charan’s most awaited retro entertainer Rangasthalam is finally featuring on the silver screens. The rustic period drama by Sukumar is gearing up to take the box office by storm. With major scenes from the Godavari region, the art is mesmerizing and definitely the USP of the film.

Movie: Rangasthalam

Release Date: 30th March 2018

Director: Sukumar

Music Director:  Devi Sri Prasad

Production: Mythri Movie Makers

Cast: Ram Charan, Samantha, Aadhi Pinisetty



Rangasthalam is a smooth and familiar story rolling in1980s. Chittibabu ( Ram Charan)  is a happy go lucky village youngster, despite being partially deaf. He goes all out to support his elder brother Kumar Babu ( Adi Pinisetty) who arrives from Dubai. The ruthless antagonist, Phanindra Bhupati ( Jagapathi Babu ) is the president of Rangasthalam village. His term is for a continuous 30 years. He kills anyone who dares to question his atrocities. After a sequence of incidents, Kumar Babu revolts against the president, files nomination against him in upcoming elections.

Rangasthalam unfolds on how Ram Charan aids his brother to the presidential position.


When Ramcharan announced this film with Sukumar, fans expectation for good performance soared high. With his hard work, Ram Charan has excelled in performance as Chittibabu – the sound engineer. He portrays all his roles as a character – caring brother,  his acts to cover-up his disability, his innocent and unadulterated love towards Rama Lakshmi, or Sensitive thread with Rangammattha. The emotional revolt with the landlord also is a standout of his character.

Anchor Anasuya as Rangammattha is a surprise pack. Pooja Hegde sizzles in an item song. Devi Sri Prasad does justice to songs and background score. Yentha Sakkagunnave, Rangamma Mangamma, and Jigelu Rani songs came out very well on screen. Charan’s steps in Jigelu Raani song are a feast for fans and masses.

The projection of the 1980’s is remarkable. Sukumar has paid attention to almost every detail. The characters carry real life with them than just cinematic presence and the actors emote to the same.


Although the story is in a very good juncture, the director has failed in delivering emotional threads within. Rama Lakshmi role doesn’t suit Samantha one bit. She works hard and drags it to a passable performance.

Despite the thrilling interval, the second reeks of boring sentimental scenes. The lengthy showcase of inconsequential melodrama is something the audience is not accustomed to. The latter half also dilutes the role of Jagapathi Babu, the fierce villain, and somewhat becomes sedated.


Although the second half is a drag, the climax and action will keep you hooked on the movie. Ram Charan’s brilliant act turns saving grace and it is a treat for his fans. The set up is good minus the overdose of sentiment that doesn’t connect to mass. Rangasthalam is an okay movie. Don’t jump to the climax as your excitement will be almost dead in the second half.

Comparedada Rating: 3/5