PSV Garuda Vega Review: An Action packed Rajasekhar thriller!REVIEW

PSV Garuda Vega Review: An Action packed Rajasekhar thriller!

PSV Garuda Vega staring Rajasekhar hits the silver screens today. The comeback movie of the actor looks promising with superb visuals and action scenes.

PSV Garuda Vega is a very crucial film for actor Rajasekhar  as he is making his comeback. Being away for while, it becomes more important than ever because of the humongous investment for the production.

Director : Praveen Sattaru

Producer : M Koteswara Raju

Music Director : Sricharan Pakala

Cast: Rajasekhar, Pooja Kumar, Kishore, Shraddha Das, Adith Arun

The success of Garuda Vega is quite crucial for Rajasekhar as he and his team have spent a lot of money on the budget. The action entertainer has finally hit the screens today. Rajasekhar’s portrayal is good as a tough cop and the flick is a visual treat. Although the story has glitches but it is a good comeback movie.

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Sekhar( Rajasekhar ) is a coveted undercover cop with the NIA. He hides his identity and because of this, he always ends up in problems with his wife(Pooja Kumar). This is also the time which witnesses his assignment to a very delicate case. The ordeal is that of a hacker(Adit) who is trying to outrun the authorities. Who is this hacker? Why is everyone after him? What crucial data does he have? and What is the whole scam behind all this? To know the answers, you need to watch the film on the big screen.

The first thing that hits you while watching Garuda Vega is the huge scale of the film. Everything looks top notch. Right from the NIA set up to the performances, everything looks quite stylized and yet realistic. The hefty bankrolling of the film is clearly visible on screen in terms of fights, visuals, and thrills.

Hero Rajasekhar makes a comeback as he delivers a very settled performance. Not once does he goes overboard and behaves perfectly as a tough cop who is in charge. The way he deals the case and goes about doing the action part is also very good. Adit plays the role of the hacker to perfection and is good in the film.

Heroine Pooja does a decent job as the nagging wife. Shraddha Das is okay in her cameo. Adarsh Balakrishna looks menacing in his small role. Credit should go to director Praveen Sattaru for showcasing the thrills in an awesome manner. The entire bomb tracking episode during the first half has been showcased with some edge of the seat action.

The first half of the film is very intense and thrilling. There are car chases, fist fights and many more interesting moments which keep you glued. Sunny Leone sizzles in an item song and will please the masses.

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Although we still feel the story lacks proper light. The revelation  and showcasing the entire scam is not that clear and is hard to understand. The main villain Kishore also has nothing much to do except for appearing in a few scenes.


Technical wise, Garuda Vega is one of the best films that has come out in the recent times. The camerawork by Anji is just top notch and reminds us of many Hollywood films with its style. Meanwhile the stunning background score of the film which elevates the film to another level altogether. On the whole, Garuda Vega is a true blue action film which has its heart in its right place. Very rarely do you get to see such stylized and huge scale movies which are good fun and quite realistic as well. The entire set up, grand making and a thrilling first half are surely huge assets of the film. If you ignore the slightly slow second half and also cinematic liberties taken in the film, this movie ends as good pop-corn action entertainer this weekend and gives Rajasekhar his much-needed success.