The Popular No Smoking Ad Girl, Simran Natekar All Set For South Debut With Kannada Movie ‘Kajal’

The Popular No Smoking Ad Girl, Simran Natekar All Set For South Debut With Kannada Movie ‘Kajal’

The innocent girl from the popular cinema theater ad, Simran Natekar is all set for her South Movie debut with Kannada film titled as 'Kajal'.

If you are a regular cinema theater visitor, you ought to know Simran Natekar! Remember the innocent looking girl in the no smoking ad? Yes, she is a beautiful young woman now and is gearing up for a movie break.

Simran Natekar is very popular for her role as a child in the government’s ‘No smoking’ campaign. It is the nostalgic commercial that plays before the movies in theatres across India. Simran was eight at the time and since then, she has gone on to act in nearly 150 ads.

Simran Natekar has also acted in TV soaps and Bollywood films. Now, the aspiring young lady is ready to make her debut in the south Indian film industry with a Kannada film. ‘Kajal’ is supposedly the name of her Kannada project where she will star opposite Santhosh Balraj. Sumanth Kranthi heads the directorial department.

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The beautiful Simran is just sixteen years old and still in school. In a candid interview with the press, she shares her excitement.

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“A bubbly, and a strong-minded girl from the USA, who comes to India only to spend time with her relatives in her village. That is when she meets the hero Santhosh, a middle-class boy, and falls in love with him. The story of a rich girl falling in love with a poor boy will always hold an appeal.”

In the popular ‘No Smoking’ ad, Simran plays the concerned young girl who is worried about her dad’s smoking habit and incessant cough. Meanwhile, Simran’s jig is the longest running ad on creating awareness about the ill-effects of smoking.