Parvatii Nair Reveals The Reason For Rejecting Arjun Reddy!

Parvatii Nair Reveals The Reason For Rejecting Arjun Reddy!

South actress Parvatii Nair, revealed that the bold lip-lock and intimate scenes in Arjun Reddy was the reason why she rejected the movie.

Parvatii Nair Reveals That Intimate Scenes Were The Reason For Rejecting Arjun Reddy Project!

Successful hero Sharwanand has publicly confessed about how bad he had felt for rejecting ‘Arjun Reddy‘. Especially¬† when the director first approached him. Having witnessed how bold the heroine’s character in the film was, we can easily presume several actresses might have turned it down too. Here is one such actress who now rues for rejecting the film. As she was surely hesitant about doing the several lip-locks in the film. Yes she is none other than Parvatii Nair!

South actress Parvatii Nair, who predominantly acts in Tamil and Malayalam films, has made a revelation. In a recent interview she confirms an approach for “Arjun Reddy”. Talking about the missed opportunity, the ‘Uttama Villain’ actress said that she had rejected Arjun Reddy because of the intimate scenes and lip-locks.

She added that it seemed a simple and very ordinary love story when Sandeep had narrated to her, and so feeling unsure of a debut director’s vision and also doing the intimate scenes, she turned down the role which made debutante Shalini Pandey an overnight star.

“But, when I saw the film in a theatre, I felt so bad and unfortunate for missing it. One must give full credit to director Sandeep for converting a simple love story into a genuinely impactful film. The presentation was so well that I just fell in love with the film,” Parvatii reportedly revealed.

Besides ‘Arjun Reddy’, Parvatii also rejected ‘Aruvi’, which was the finest Tamil film of 2017.