All you need to know about the new Terms And Condition of the ‘JioPhone’

All you need to know about the new Terms And Condition of the ‘JioPhone’

After Reliance unveiled its new policies, JioPhone will cost you much more than previous anticipations!

Reliance promise to provide internet services for the common mass at affordable rates maybe in questions now. The brands most hyped project, JioPhone will cost you much more than previous anticipations.

The JioPhone’s announcement was in July. Ever since its launch, the device is the most successful product as per the pre-booking phase. The brand received overwhelming response and shut the orders as the demands were impossible to meet. Upon initiating the bookings in 24th August, Reliance recently promised to first deliver the JioPhone to people who had booked it before reopening the pre-booking process.

The company has put up the terms and conditions on its website for returning JioPhone units, which have revealed the fine print involved with the process. It turns out you will have to shell out money if you want to return the phone, and that you must spend at least Rs. 4,500 on recharges if you want the refundable Rs. 1,500 back. These details were unclear during the launch of the product. The aforementioned JioPhone promised to be free after a security deposit of Rs. 1,500.

Now that the Jio Phone deliveries have started, the company has notified on its website that customers will have to pay as much as Rs. 1,500 for returning the phone ahead of schedule.

Moreover if the user indeed plans to keep the phone and use it, recharges worth Rs. 1,500 per year is mandatory. The user  must purchase the set amount with the number to remain eligible for the refund. On the other hand, if a user buys the phone but doesn’t use it, Jio has the right to claim the phone as a return.

Taking this into consideration, you would be spending more than Rs. 4,500 on the 4G feature phone over the next 3 years, provided the company refunds you the full Rs. 1,500 amount that you are required to pay as ‘deposit’ in order to get your hands on the handset.

The company also reserves the right to claim the sets if the phone is purchased and not utilized. Jio can ask the customer to return the JioPhone. Furthermore, those customers would be liable to pay an additional charge to the company, Reliance Jio adds.

In addition to that, Jio will charge a penalty of Rs. 1,500 as well as applicable GST or other taxes upon returning the phone within one year. Likewise a penalty Rs. 1,000 within 2nd year and a charge of Rs. 500 for the 3rd year time period will be applicable respectively.