Mohammed Shami Finally Open Fires In The Bitter Battle With His Wife Hasin Jahan – Read More

Mohammed Shami Finally Open Fires In The Bitter Battle With His Wife Hasin Jahan – Read More

In the ongoing shaming banter by Hasin Jahan, Mohammed Shami finally open fires: Says he was aware of Hasin's first marriage.

The prolonging skirmish between Indian speedster Mohammed Shami and his wife Hasin Jahan has taken a course of a bitter battle. The cricketer was shamed of engaging in extramarital affairs with several women.

As the unending battle of allegations continues Mohammed Shami claims that he was unaware of Jahan’s first marriage when the couple tied the knot in 2014.

According to Shami Jahan has two daughters from her first marriage to Sheikh Saifuddin and was in the dark about their existence. The former husband of Jahan,  Sheikh Saifuddin is a general store owner in West Bengal. Shami alleges that the former model had even told him that they were her sister’s children. The two girls currently live with Saifuddin after the separation courtesy of a divorce in 2010.

In a press interview, Shami clears the air by making a bold statement. “I was not aware that it was her second marriage with me. And surely it was only after we got married that I was told about two of my daughters. My wife first told me that they were her sister’s children, not hers.”

The banter kickstarted over social media posts where Hasin Jahan accused Shami of adultery. domestic violence and harassment. Mohammed Shami along with four other family members were on the complaint list. Jahan also revealed that Shami had forced her to get physically involved with his brother.

Meanwhile, the resulting complaint saw Mohammed Shami and his brother charged under several non-bailable offenses.  The Pacer even remarked that surely his wife  ‘lost her mind’ at one point.

The controversial scenario revolving around Shami is a factor why I.P.L. Team Delhi Daredevils are not sure of roping him in. The charges against Shami also cost his B.C.C.I. Central contract.