Mersal mocks GST to gross over Rs. 150 crores worldwide, but BJP may have the upper hand!

Mersal mocks GST to gross over Rs. 150 crores worldwide, but BJP may have the upper hand!

The Tamil superhit movie Mersal means Stunning and has actually stun BJP for the implementation of GST via a funny dialogue mocking the aforementioned tax.

The Tamil flick Mersal starring Vijay is getting off the charts response since its release this Diwali. The box-office is on fire with ticket sales crossing 150 crores worldwide as per the word spread by its producers. This makes Mersal a bona-fide super-hit.

Mersal which means “stunning”, initiated a political controversy. The incident wherein the BJP demanded the deletion of a scene which denounces the new national sales tax or GST.

 Though opposition parties like the Congress used the BJP’s stand to claim an attack on free speech and artistic expression, the film’s producers have suggested they’re ready to edit the scenes that mock the GST, introduced in July by the centre and defended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a key structural reform for the economy. Mersal contains a dialogue that is directed towards the GST.

On Friday, union minister Pon Radhakrishnan said it is essential to drop the dialogue. He termed the same as “untruths” about the Goods and Services Tax (GST), a demand backed by BJP leaders in Tamil Nadu,

In response, Murali Ramaswamy, whose company produced the film, suggested he may succumb to the political pressure. “From their perspective, their opposition is just. If opinions  that may lead to misunderstanding needs an edit, we are ready for that too.”Mersal had expectation  for 130 crores margin,  but has earnings of over 80 crores in Tamil Nadu; its popularity has led to theatres adding more screenings of the film.

The producer met with state BJP chief Tamilisai Soundararajan and other party leaders on Saturday last week.

“We explained the movie’s objective, our stand and that this movie has not been produced with an intention to hurt anyone and they have generously accepted it,” said Mr Ramaswamy. “There is an investment of many crores of rupees and the labour of thousands of workers,” he confirms while hinting that the edits may be in effect.

Tamil Nadu BJP leader H Raja has claimed that Mersal exposes leading man Vijay’s “hatred” for PM Modi.

Superstar Kamal Haasan, who is prepping to launch his own political party, in a tweet says that the film is a go for release by the censor board. “Don’t re-censor it. Counter criticism,” he said.