MCA Review: Disappointing last half with poor melody

MCA Review: Disappointing last half with poor melody

Natural Star Nani's 3rd flick this year, MCA is certainly the talk of the town. The maker's decision to launch it today is a good move keeping in mind

Natural Star Nani’s 3rd flick this year, MCA is certainly the talk of the town. The maker’s decision to launch it today is a good move keeping in mind the Christmas weekend. But the fact about MCA it hovers somewhere in the middle and doesn’t make the mark.

Movie: MCA – Middle Class Abbayi

Release date: December 21, 2017

Director : Venu Sriram

Producers : Dil Raju

Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad

Starring : Nani, Sai Pallavi, Bhumika Chawla, Rajeev Kanakala, Priyadarshi, Krishna Teja



Nani & Rajeev Kanakala are brothers who lead happy bachelors’ life. Bhumika enters into their life as Rajeev’s wife, Nani gets uncomfortable for being third-wheel. The obvious importance and authority circles around Bhumika’s influence on Nani to develop a conflict. Adding to the woes,  Bhumika gets transferred to Warangal as RTO and Rajeev shift to Delhi on training. Meanwhile, on Rajeev’s request, Nani accompanies Bhumika to Warangal. Pallavi is an undergraduate student in Warangal falls in love with Nani – a love at first sight. Shiva (Vijay) is a ruthless transport mafia operates illegal bus fleet also confronts with Bhumika – an RTO officer. The story runs in three threads. First one deals with funny situations generated on Nani’s struggle with household chores, the second one with Pallavi’s love on Nani and last crucial one how Bhumika – Nani deal with a death threat from transport mafia.


Nani does justice to the role and brings believability to the ‘Middle Class Abbayi’- MCA character. You feel connected to a number of scenes if you have grown up in a middle-class family. Doing household chores sans a maid etc. Sai Pallavi is just OK, doesn’t show the spark everyone is expecting from her post-Fida. The star of MCA is Bhumika. She excels as Nani’s vadina and she is elegance personified. This is going to be a harbinger of more such roles for her in Tollywood. New villain Vijay looks ruthless, but nativity is missing in his features. Rajeev Kanakala, Priyadarshi Pulikonda have limited roles and they did ok. Naresh, Subhaleka Sudhakar, Pavitra Lokesh got insignificant roles.

Till interval, Nani is able to manage the show single-handedly with his superb comedy performance yet again. When Bhumika’s sacrifice to help Nani’s career is revealed, followed by Nani’s confrontation with villains – that interval block is the best moment of the film. With not so impressive threat to Bhumika-Nani, post interval the film’s graph goes down with routine stuff. The second half is all about cat and mouse game between Hero and antagonist without any exciting factor. However, this drama may appeal to the family audience to some extent but for others. Overall, the second half could have been much better leaving many to a little disappointment.


Well, the negatives are a handful. Starting right from the poor background score. There were high expectations from Devi Sri Prasad, especially after the wonders he had done. The music lacks artistic touch and doesn’t feel like Prasad’s finest work. MCA lives in the first half all thanks to Nani. The second half is just a pushover with some cat-mouse chase. The production from Dil Raju’s SVC Creations is a definite fail spoiling his chances for a second hattrick of hits.


MCA first half is decent and second half is not up to the mark. If family audience laps up the second half, it may end up as an average film. In the US, this film has opened on par with top stars’ films, even in India advance bookings are reportedly high. Thanks to Nani, Brand Dil Raju and Sai Pallavi combination – but sustaining these openings is doubtful.

Comparedada Rating: 2.75/5



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