Internet can’t keep calm over Mahira Khan’s smoking: Smoking Cause Cancer As Well As Chaos

Internet can’t keep calm over Mahira Khan’s smoking: Smoking Cause Cancer As Well As Chaos

Raees starlet Mahira Khan is yet again embroiled in controversy over her smoking at the 17th Lux Style Awards ceremony. This backstage video is going viral!

The New York rendezvous of Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor is still green in our memories. There is more to follow if you are unaware of the previous.

The Pakistani actress, Mahira Khan was in the spotlight yet again amidst fumes. She was butting cigarette reportedly at 17th. Lux Style Awards recently. Clad in a gorgeous white outfit, in videos from what seems like taken backstage going viral. The Raees starlet is smoking a cigarette and smiling and talking to those around her.

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Last year, Mahira, slipped into a backless white number, smoking with Ranbir Kapoor on the streets of U.S. (United States of America city), was slammed for her ‘misbehavior’. Just remember the series of public shaming it gave rise to.

However, Mahira seemed to be in a hurry while smoking at this recent awards ceremony and a certain fan even pointed out that while smoking is not the problem, it is her style of smoking that the person dislikes. The tweet further advises Mahira to ‘enjoy each and every puff’.

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Smoking may make one lose their life to cancer, but in case of Mahira Khan, she loses her character and causes an internet uproar.


Many even called out the hypocrisy of those who smoke themselves and lash out at Mahira.

While the actress was not discussed as much for her role in Raees, her real-life association with Ranbir Kapoor has also grabbed headlines. As per sources, the actress was secretly dating Bollywood’s Casanova. In fact, their pictures from the U.S. went viral online. Months after the controversy, the Humsafar actress addressed it at length while on a recent talk show. She also shares that it was the first time that she was embroiling in a controversy.