Local train tickets will now be easy to get as Mumbai revamps stations with Hi-tech kisoks

Local train tickets will now be easy to get as Mumbai revamps stations with Hi-tech kisoks

With hi-tech kiosks being installed in suburban train stations, now commuters can print local tickets in 18 seconds in Mumbai.

Now, passengers can print a local tickets or passbook online in just a fraction of 18 seconds. Wonder how?

If a report in Mumbai Mirror is to be believed, the Railways is installing 50 wall-mounted high-tech kiosks at major suburban stations of Mumbai for seamless travel. Passengers can print local tickets or passes booked through mobile phone by using UTS App.

On a trial basis, one such kiosk has already been installed at CSMT.

The move will henceforth reduce long queues at booking counters, thus saving the time of the passengers.

The app allows commuters to book all types of local train tickets, including season tickets, through their mobile phones.

“Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) has already provided 25 such wall-mounted kiosks to each Central Railway and Western Railway,” Uday Bobhate, general manager, CRIS told Mumbai Mirror.

Six of the 25 kiosks will be installed at each Churchgate and Dadar, five each at Borivali and Andheri and three at Bandra.

“We have already installed two kiosks at C.S.M.T. Although they are on a trial basis and process of installing the remaining 23 kiosks is underway”.  S.K. Jain, divisional railway manager of Central Railway Mumbai division said.

Besides, the process will also help in retrieving lost ticket, which commuters often consider as a lengthy process.

Application Usage:

1. UTS App has two options — ‘Book and Travel’ and ‘Book and Print’ option

2. Under ‘Book and Travel’ option, the ticket saves in the app. Meanwhile, you can produce the same ticket to the TTE.

3. In the ‘Book and Print’ option, a commuter has to necessarily have a hard copy of the ticket. Until now, a passenger can print his ticket after going through a complicated process on the ATVM or from the counter.

4. With the new facility, a passenger can simply open the SMS received after booking and place their smartphones on the kiosk and print the ticket.

5. However, if there is any technical glitch, a commuter can manually feed booking details in automatic ticket vending machines and get a printout.

These high-tech machines cost nearly Rs 1.20 lakh. Currently, 65 percent of the 78 lakh commuters in Mumbai use season tickets.