Viral Selfie:  LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner’s selfie at an employee’s desk

Viral Selfie: LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner’s selfie at an employee’s desk

Mariah Walton, the analytics manager at LinkedIn, posted a letter before leaving for her vacations. Jeff Weiner impressed by her note took the viral selfie.

The LinkedIn Selfie

In most cases, if you are not at the desk when the super-boss comes visiting on one of his usual rounds, chances are you might make an easy entry into the red list. When you walk back into the office (probably with your head hung low) you will, most likely, dread being greeted with sighs of sympathy. But in case you have made it as an employee at the LinkedIn office, things might look fairly different. Rather, if you happen to be lucky like Mariah Walton, the analytics manager at LinkedIn, you might just have Jeff Weiner clicking a selfie with the note you left for him at your desktop.

A photo of Weiner posing at Walton’s desk for a selfie with her photo and the note for him has gone viral after she took to LinkedIn (where else?) to share it. “When you accidentally schedule your vacation for the day your CEO is specifically dropping by to meet your team, it doesn’t hurt to ‘subtly’ remind them what you do and how it helps the big picture. Thanks for stopping by Jeff Weiner! Proud of the team I work with and my new favorite selfy 😉 #linkedinlife #linkedinanalytics,”read the caption of her post.


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Walton, before leaving on her vacation, thought it best to remind Weiner of her contributions to the organisation and came up with a witty dispatch that read: “Hi Jeff, I wanted to meet you but had to go to Venice instead (so sad). I have been in Analytics at Li for 3.5 years, the first 2 in Mountain View, and also now sit on the DAM team under Bhavani.

I’m the technical owner of the International Dashboard you see each Friday and support EMEA execs and BizOps on strategic projects & deep dives. Enjoy your time in Dublin! (Just avoid the fake Mexican food.)”

“Cool Boss you have there Mariah Walton!” “Just wow! Small action, huge impact. Thank you for this inspiration,” . “Truly inspiring leader and well done for not missing on ur holidays,” . “This is so thoughtful I would never forget something like that,” are some of the comments it thereafter.