Khakee Movie Review: A Compelling Cop Story!

Khakee Movie Review: A Compelling Cop Story!

Khakee staring Karthi is the story of a cop and he how cracks a serial robbery turned murder and nabs the dacoit gang from Rajasthan.

Khakee is one film which amidst a lot of buzz off late. Narration on a true cop story, this film has Karthi as the main lead and has hit the screens all over today.

Movie : Khakee

Release date : November 17, 2017

Director : H. Vinoth

Producers : Umesh Gupta, Subash Gupta

Music Director : Ghibran

Starring : Karthi, Rakul Preet Singh



The film is takes action in the early 90’s and Dheeraj(Karthi) is a fierce Tamil Nadu cop who is quite famous for his uncompromising attitude. During this time, the entire state is reeling with brutal robberies all over. People die in these robberies but the cops do not have any clue at all. This is the time Dheeraj takes charge of this case and finds out that a huge dacoit gang from Rajasthan is behind all this. Rest of the story is as to how Dheeraj cracks this case and nabs all those who are behind this.


One of the biggest plus points of the film is the riveting screenplay. The film has full on edge of the seat moments which will keep you hooked till the end. Credit should go to the director for his detailing. The way the case is handled over the years has been shown with utmost clarity and gripping narration.

Karthi is back with a bang and shines as DSP Dheeraj. Every move of his is linked with the role he plays and not once do you see him getting sidetrack during the entire operation. Rakul Preet does her bit and is good support for Karthi.

If you are seeking some pop-corn entertainment , it will be a disappointment. As with this film is a serious cop drama with dark elements and brutal action.

The film takes a lot of time to get into the actual storyline as Rakul Preet and Karthi’s romantic track bores you at times. Songs of the film are quite disappointing and should have been avoided.



On the whole, Khakee is riveting cop drama which has many edge of the seat moments. Very rarely do you see such thrillers which are showcased without diverting from the main point. Karthi’s tough cop act, racy action elements and gripping narration are major assets to the film. As the film is genre specific, the film does not have any commercial elements whatsoever. So, all those who like action films and are looking for some realistic thrillers, Khakee is the film you should not miss this weekend. Go for it.


Comparedada Rating : 3.25/5