Kerala Schools go Hi-Fi: 4,775 Schools to be equipped with laptops, projectors and more.

Kerala Schools go Hi-Fi: 4,775 Schools to be equipped with laptops, projectors and more.

Kerala as a state is very focused on its education and literacy. A rough 4,775 Schools in Kerala will go Hi-Fi with laptops and projectors on board.

A total of 20,000 classrooms in the state schools would go hi-tech by January next year as part of Kerala government’s hi-tech school project.

Tender proceedings for the procurement of 60,250 laptops and 43,750 multimedia projectors to transform classrooms in 4,775 schools into hi-tech ones have been completed by the Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE), formerly IT@School Project of the state general education department.

“With the issue of the Supply Orders for 60,250 laptops and 43,750 projectors, KITE has completed all the activities for converting 20,000 classrooms into hi-tech ones by the month of January 2018,” Vice Chairman and Executive Director of KITE, K Anvar Sadath said in a release Thiruvananthapuram.

The programme was to transform 45,000 classrooms in 4,775 schools in a phased manner.

As many as 4775 government and government-aid schools, will fall under this programme. Meanwhile including 2685 high schools, 1701 higher secondary schools and 389 vocational higher secondary schools.

Adhering to K.I.T.E. Director Board decision, the purchase orders for the laptops and multimedia projectors saw release to the successful bidders today.

The competitive bidding in the national level tendering of laptops and projectors saw the active participation of top 4 major brands in laptops and 3 leading brands in projectors.

Out of these bidders, the best price for Laptop saw the likes of ACS Technologies. Meanwhile the model was the Acer Laptop and Uneecops Technologies (BenQ model Projector) for the projectors.

State public sector KELTRON, the L2 bidder in Projector’s agreement to match the lowest price. Hence surely as per the tender conditions.  40 per cent of the orders for Projectors will come under them.

The Technical Committee chaired by Prof Jayasankar, constituted by the government, had supervised the tender proceedings, the release said.

Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board approves a report. In the Detail Project Report of Hi-Tech school programme firstly a total estimate cost of Rs. 493.50 crore was a sanction. Secondly, an secure amount of Rs 299.95 crore was budget for laptops and projectors.