Hyderabadi News Presenter Jumps To Death: Radhika Reddy Victim Of Depression

Hyderabadi News Presenter Jumps To Death: Radhika Reddy Victim Of Depression

News presenter of Telegu T.V. Channel V6, Radhika Reddy jumps off from roof to commit suicide. "My brain is my enemy" note confirms sign of depression.

News presenter Radhika Reddy commits suicide shortly after coming back from work on Sunday night.

In a shocking incident, a news presenter from Telegu T.V. Channel V6, based in Hyderabad jumps to death. The victim is a popular face, Radhika Reddy. She fell victim to depression and died at a young age of 36.

Radhika Reddy allegedly committed suicide by jumping off the fifth floor of her house. The location pin points at Hyderabad’s Moosapet. The incident took place late on Sunday night.

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The body of the news presenter was found at Srivila Apartments at around 10:50 pm on Sunday. The local police confirms the statement.

According to news sources, the Kukatpally Police Station Sub-Inspector, Majid sheds light on the incident. He reveals information about the cause and time of the suicide. In an interview he shares:

“Ms. Reddy committed suicide shortly after coming back from work.”

“She came home from work and straight walked up to the terrace of her residence and jumped off. She died on the spot from a head injury, leg fracture, and multiple blunt injuries.”

The confirmation of suicide comes from a shocking revelation. The police recovered a death note from the news presenters bag. The note reads: “My brain is my enemy.” The investigation is ongoing as the case has been registered.

The note also mentions that ‘no one should be held responsible’ for her death.

According to sources, Radhika Reddy divorced her husband six months ago. And ever since, she was staying with her parents and a 14-year-old son. Her son is also mentally challenged says the police report.