Hyderabad Metro on full throttle for November Launch

Hyderabad Metro on full throttle for November Launch

After Lucknow, Hyderabad will start its Metro journey this year. According to reports the first phase of the services will commence by the end of Nove

After Lucknow, Hyderabad will start its Metro journey this year. According to reports the first phase of the services will commence by the end of November. There is a high expectation that PM Narendra Modi will inaugurate the much awaited Metro rail services.

The 30-km long stretch of Hyderabad Metro will ease congestion on roads and provide passengers an affordable and comfortable mode of public transport. The Hyderabad Metro rail project will consist of three corridors covering a total distance of 72 kms. Meanwhile the ongoing constructions and provisions are on full speed to make the services available to the public by November-end.

The first phase comprises of  two stretches. First is between Miyapur and Ameerpet one of the most busy routes that is almost 13-km long. Second stretch is the 17-km route also from Ameerpet to Nagole. The two routes come under Corridor I and Corridor III respectively. Meanwhile Ameerpet will serve as the interchange station between the two corridors. According to the government, the trials runs for these two stretches have successful results.

Completing the Oliphanta Rail Over Bridge and Secunderabad Clock Tower by the end of September is very important. Moreover the Clock Tower bridge works poses conflicts with the Over Bridge constructions. The respective works are carried out in 2 shifts currently, to complete the rail platform for commercial launch.

The Hyderabad Metro network is elevated. The stations are at an approximate distance of 1 kilometre from each other. The trains will zoom the stations with a frequency of 3-5 minutes. Furthermore the carriers will top speed the journey at 80 kmph. Meanwhile the average speed is around 34 kmph as per the plans.

Like the metro coaches that ply in various cities, these too will have air-conditioning with automatic door opening and closing mechanism. The huge rail network will house bout 17 lakh passengers per day by 2017 and 22 lakh by 2024. Tickets will print by an smart-card run Automatic Ticketing system for ease of access. Basic facilities such as lifts, toilets, parking spaces telephones and disabled-friendly operations will also be available. According to Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited, all stations will eventually have feeder bus services.

In comparison to bus travel, metro journeys will significantly reduce travel time in addition to easing the automobile congestion. According to HMRL approximate travel time from Miyapur – LB Nagar stations (Corridor I) will be 45 minutes as against 1 hour 46 minutes by bus. For Corridor II (Jubilee Bus Station-Falaknuma), the travel time will come down drastically from 1 hour 10 minutes by bus to 22 minutes by metro. The total commuting time for Corridor III (Nagole-Shilparmam) will be 39 minutes as against 1 hour 26 minutes by bus.

The Hyderabad Metro network will have pillars with GPS-linked unique numbering. According to the report, the move aims to enhance commuter convenience. “This will help people easily identify locations,” the report said.

The 14132 crore mega project is put together by L&T and Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited. Although the cost escalations are not inclusive, this project is the Country’s biggest Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

Hyderabad is expecting a cool Metro status for a long time now, with the recent developments looks like the wait is over.