Hasin Jahan’s New Claims: Shami’s family tried to kill me, gave sleeping pills

Hasin Jahan’s New Claims: Shami’s family tried to kill me, gave sleeping pills

In her complaint against Shami and his family members, Hasin Jahan said that they tried to kill her in December 2017. Dosed her with sleeping pills!

There’s been absolutely no breather as the Mohammed Shami-Hasin Jahan saga continues to grab attention. Jahan, the wife of Indian pacer, took to her Facebook to claim that Shami has multiple extra-marital affairs and shared the photos of alleged chats between Shami and his girlfriends.

Jahan also claimed that Shami’s mother and brother tortured her and tried to kill her. She later went on to claim that Shami told his brother to kill her and bury the body in a jungle. The allegations did not stop there as she went on to claim that Shami wanted her to have physical relations with his brother.

While Shami denied all the allegations, BCCI decided to withhold his annual contract.

Jahan, meanwhile, has a written complaint against the cricketer and the FIR was against Shami and his four family members in Kolkata’s Jadavpur police station under several I.P.C. (Indian Penal Code) sections, including section 498A, which surely amounts to cruelty to a woman by her husband or his relatives.

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The other charges recorded against Shami are under Section. 307 – attempt to murder, also Section. 323 – punishment for voluntarily causing hurt, Section. 376 – rape, Section. 506 – criminal intimidation, Section. 328 and also Section. 34.

“She has complained sleeping pills were given to her in a huge quantity and they were trying to kill her”. Praveen Tripathi, Joint Commissioner of Police, Kolkata confirms ESPNcricinfo.

“Section 328 concerns (an instance where) someone gives you a drug or something similar with the purpose of hurting you. Section 506 is threatening a person. And Section. 34 is pressed when more than 3-4 people are planning to do a serious cognizable offense with a common intention”. Adds Tripathi.

“We are verifying the allegations and collecting the evidence right now,” Tripathi concludes.