Viral Video: Groom dies of cardiac arrest in his wedding procession

Viral Video: Groom dies of cardiac arrest in his wedding procession

In a distasteful happening in Vadodara, a 25-year-old groom died while dancing in his wedding procession. Watch the viral video here!

A Dance to Death : Groom dies of Heart Attack!

In a tragic incident, a 25-year-old groom died of a heart attack during his wedding procession in Borsad town of the neighbouring Anand district.

Sagar Solanki of Ranoli Village in Vadodara district was engaged to Archana of Borsad village since last two years.

On May 9, both were to be married. When Sagar’s wedding procession was about to reach his bride’s home in Borsad then Sagar expressed desire to reach marriage mandap on the shoulders of his friends instead of on a car.

As the wedding procession was proceeding on Tuesday night for the bride’s home with the family members dancing in a joyous mood in Borsad, about 60 km from here, the groom, Sagar Solanki, who was sitting on a friend’s shoulders, suddenly collapsed.

Watch the viral video here:

He was rushed to a nearby hospital where the doctors declared him dead. Sagar’s father Rajesh Solanki says relatives took him to a private hospital wherein the confirmation of his death came.

The deceased, hailing from Ranoli village in Anand, worked in a private company. The incident came as a shock to all near and dear ones. Even the guests at the function were is a state of dismal.

The incident came as a shock to the families of both the groom and the bride. Meanwhile they immediately called off all the celebrations.