Ganja Affair: Kerala Police Arrests Woman For Growing 6-feet Tall Cannabis Plant On Rooftop

Ganja Affair: Kerala Police Arrests Woman For Growing 6-feet Tall Cannabis Plant On Rooftop

A 37-year-old woman named Ann Mary Clement was taken into custody after Kerela police raided her rooftop to discover 5 ganja plants of nearly 6.5 ft.

Kerala’s new ganja affair!

Kerela police have seized sizeable amounts of ganja from a household rooftop. A 37-year-old woman in custody for allegedly growing cannabis on the rooftop of her house in Kochi.

The accused woman is identified as Ann Mary Clement. She is a tour operator and insurance agent living on Vattekkadu Road in Kaloor. Allegedly she had in possession of 5 cannabis plants of nearly 6.5 ft height. The police have an inventory report to back the evidence.

Ann lives with her 66-year-old mother allegedly confessed during interrogation. The statement reveals the plants came to her vicinity courtesy one of her friends. She also admitted to growing the plants for over 6 months.

Ann, however, refused to reveal the identity of her associates, according to the report.

She in custody thanks to a raid on the house by the police. The stringent action came on a tip-off about suspicious activities in the premises.

The SI of Ernakulam North, Vipin Das says the following in a statement:

“The shadow police alerted us about suspicious activities. Meanwhile, the house was under observation for two-to-three days. We saw people coming and going and decided to conduct a raid. Ganja bust was a stroke of luck.”

According to the police, local residents had raised complaints about a black Figo car doing the rounds in the locality, which allegedly peddled cannabis. The locals also reportedly informed the police that the woman and her mother were having odd visitors lately which fuelled their suspicion.

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The woman’s mother, however, claims that the plant’s utility for medicinal purposes. Meanwhile, she also denies circulation in public or selling to outsiders.

Ann Mary’s mother Treesa Ann Clement says:

“I have had severe thyroid issues and had been suffering from resultant bouts of anxiety and depression as well. Despite having sought treatment from allopathy, Ayurveda and homeopathy, I did not get any relief. For three years I have been using cannabis juice and it gave me much better results than any other medication,”

The accused has been charged under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (22d), a non-bailable offense that can even receive up to 10 years of prison term.