Dinesh Karthik Praises MS Dhoni Upon Being Considered As A Finisher: ” He is a topper in the university where I am studying!”

Dinesh Karthik Praises MS Dhoni Upon Being Considered As A Finisher: ” He is a topper in the university where I am studying!”

Almost after 14 years of International presence, Dinesh Karthik finally gets his chance in the limelight. Praises MS Dhoni upon the finisher role!

After almost 14 years of International debut, Dinesh Karthik is in the limelight. And for all the right reasons.

Ever since the Champions Trophy in September 2004, Dinesh Karthik‘s career has witnessed a lot of ups and downs. He became an overnight star when his match-winning knock of 8-ball-29 runs against Bangladesh helped India clinch the Nidahas Trophy on Sunday. However, Karthik still feels like a “student in a University where Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a topper” when comes to the tag of the best finisher. “When it comes to Dhoni — I am studying in a university where he is the topper. He is one of the guys I have always looked up to. It is unfair to compare me with him,” Karthik told media persons during an interaction, on Tuesday. Interestingly, Karthik’s England debut was three months before Dhoni’s debut against Bangladesh in a bilateral series in December.

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MS Dhoni’s reign never opened any opportunities for Karthik, as the former became India’s most successful captain and one of its greatest limited overs exponent.

“His (Dhoni) journey has been totally different and my journey is a different one. He is a terrific guy. He is somebody who used to be reserved, shy. Today, he is a person, who is really vocal in helping the youngsters. I feel these comparisons are very unfair. As I said, he is probably a topper in a university, where I am studying. I am just happy in the space I am in,” Karthik said.

Having been around for a decade and a half, Karthik is finally enjoying his time under the spotlight, something he has so richly deserved. He attributes it to his good karma and divine intervention.

“It feels good that all the attention is on me. All the good karma and good things I have done over the years helped me hit that six. It is just that the shot went for a six… probably the two mm extra that it went for it became a six.”

Karthik is still thrilled about the close finish in the cliffhanger of a final.

“It is hard for me to put in words. I am just happy to play this sport. When you play domestic cricket, it is a hard grind, To suddenly get so much attention feels so good but you also know that you want this to be a start of something special,” he adds.