Delhi Women Slaps Two Men due To Harassment : Watch the video

Delhi Women Slaps Two Men due To Harassment : Watch the video

Delhi Women Thrashed Two Harassers With Single Highhandedly ,Taught them a lesson in public .They will never forget. Its Going Viral.

No girl can deny that they have been harassed while staying in Delhi. And not just Delhi, the condition is getting worse in almost every part of our nation. Since ages, it is believed that females are the weaker sex and males are dominant ones. Fortunately, with changing time, females are becoming aware of their rights, strengths, and responsibilities. In today’s era, increasing rape cases and victim shaming has forced females to take a stand for themselves. Women have understood that it is time to take action against the monsters who walk freely in the crowd after spoiling lives of innocent females. Eve teasing may appear entertaining to men but what it does to a female is something only a female can understand.



Posted by Umar Sharif on Monday, 26 February 2018





And this Delhi girl has given a stern reply to harassers that today’s women are not afraid of anyone. The incident took place under the broad daylight. This girl was traveling in a cycle rickshaw when two men started following her and passed lewd comments at her. Taking the situation in her hand, she got off the rickshaw and caught one of them, while the other one ran away. The girl single-handedly thrashed and slapped the man continuously, while the crowd stood still.

People standing in the crowd made her video and it’s going viral all over the internet. In the video, the girl is seen dragging and beating up the man (Manish). She later called the nearby police station. According to the reports, The man was taken to the police station and from there he was made to call another guy who was involved in the incident. In order to trap Abhishek, police made Manish call him and tell him that the woman had withdrawn her complaint and was ready for a compromise. As soon Abhishek reached the police station, he was also arrested.