Viral Video: Chinese Daredevil Stuntman Records His Death Fall

Viral Video: Chinese Daredevil Stuntman Records His Death Fall

Yongning was a regular face in ads, on social media and live-streaming platforms as a dangerous rooftop stuntman. His death was recorded on a camera.

A 26-year-old Chinese stuntman plunged to death performing his trademark daredevil stunt from a high-rise 62-storeyed skyscraper in Changsha.

While the stuntman died on 8 November, the video was posted a month later by his girlfriend.

Wu Yongning lost his grip while recording a stunt at the Huayuan International Centre in Changsha, one of the tallest buildings in China. He was participating in a $15,000 roof-topping challenge in November, the time of his death.

According to a post, Yongning took ‘roof-topping’ to support his family after a short stint as a paid background actor in Chinese films.

Meanwhile, Josie Griffiths describes rooftopping as a “death-defying craze which sees young adults dangling off the edge of buildings – in the quest of social media fame.”

As per reports, a window cleaner came across his body and reported it to authorities. The incident was captured by a camera placed on another side of the building.

Yongning’s girlfriend. Jin Jin shared the video in a social media post on 8 December.

Jin Jin wrote online: “Today is December 8th. It makes me think of November 8th, the day you left us and left this world.”

She told the Beijing News that he was planning to ask her parents’ permission to marry her after filming the stunt. He was planning to gift his family presents from the money he sought to earn through the video.

“He planned to propose to his girlfriend (the day after the challenge). The money was for the wedding, and for medical treatment for his ailing mother,” his step-uncle told South China Morning Post.

Yongning had amassed huge fan following for the 300 videos he had uploaded on ‘Volcano, ’a live-streaming site. He used to receive virtual currency from his fans for his videos and also earned around 55,000 yuan (Rs 5.3 lakh) from 217 live-streaming sessions, according to a report.

Meanwhile, Yongning was a regular face in advertisements on social media and live-streaming platforms. According to reports, the fearless climber did not use any safety equipment, taking his ‘martial arts training’ into consideration.

He filmed himself doing a one-arm handstand on top of the 70-storeyed building. The Sun Moon Light Plaza in Chongqing on 3 October. We can see him walking on a tiny ledge on top of the 68-storey Yuexiu Fortune Center in Wuhan in another video.