A Sadistic Chinese Man Beats His Pet Dog To Death For Losing A Race

A Sadistic Chinese Man Beats His Pet Dog To Death For Losing A Race

In a horrific incident, a Chinese man brutally beats his pet dog to death and claims to eat it for losing a race. The sadistic male films the entire act.

Rise of Animal Cruelty: Owner Beats Dog To Death

Incidents of violence against animals are rising at an alarming rate as cases of dogs and donkeys being raped as well as pets facing torture have been reported frequently in the past few years. China has been in the news for similar reasons after the controversial Yulin dog meat festival made headlines.

Now a disturbing video from China is doing the rounds on the internet. It shows a cruel man beat his own pet dog to death. The man who did it because the canine lost a race, and was hence deemed useless by him. He also said that he will cook and eat the dog’s meat.

A barbaric canine owner beat his greyhound to death after it reportedly lost a race he gambled on before boasting he would eat its body.

The horrific footage is not in full view due to its disturbing nature. The video shows the man picking up the hound and repeatedly slamming it onto the ground.

The sick owner then suggests he is going to eat the greyhound. As the dead animal lies in a pool of blood.

According to reports, the unnamed man is from Xiong County in China’s northern Hebei Province. He carried out the savage attack after the dog lost a race he put money on it to win.

The man  bought the greyhound for the sole purpose of making money on the track.

The man says to the camera: “Listen up, dog owners, if your dog isn’t good enough, eat it.

“It lost the race, so now [I’m] going to eat its meat.”