C.B.S.E. Paper Leak: Standard 12 Accountancy Question Paper Circulated On WhatsApp

C.B.S.E. Paper Leak: Standard 12 Accountancy Question Paper Circulated On WhatsApp

CBSE Class 12 Accountancy question paper leaked on WhatsApp, there is no confirmation at present if the exam will be canceled.

The accountancy question paper of Class 12 exam of the C.B.S.E.  (Central Board of Secondary Education) is out and probably a leak case. Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia confirmed that the questions which are being shared on social media groups match CBSE Accountancy paper set 2.

The Accountancy exam is currently on the go. There is no confirmation at present regarding the cancellation of the exam. However, as per the C.B.S.E. guidelines, if a paper is leaked, the exam is nullified and needs to be conducted again.

A meeting of top officials is on the way to find out how the exam paper got out. As per reports, the CBSE believes that there is insider involvement in leaking the paper.

Sisodia confirms complaints of the paper leak. He has surely assured swift action in the paper leak. “Received complaints about the Class 12 C.B.S.E. Accountancy paper leak. Have asked officers of Directorate of Education to investigate and lodge a complaint with CBSE. Swift action  will be on place, so that hard-working students don’t suffer due to the negligence of CBSE,” he tweeted.

C.B.S.E. Class 12 examination began on March 5, 2018. And the latest paper is on schedule for April 13. Over 11 lakh students have registered for the Class 12 exam and over 16 lakh candidates will appear for the Class 10 tests this year.


The Board had issued an alert on March 4, 2018, just a day before the class 12 examination began. The alert was in place by CBSE Controller of Examinations KK Choudhury. The full text of the alert is below:

DATED: 04.03.2018
ALERT against Frivolous Mails / Messages /WhatsApp Texts
It has been observed that some elements are writing to some of the examination centres and asking for the copies of question paper for verification. Such elements are sending text
massages in the name of the undersigned using mail id ce.cbse2018@gmail.com.
As you are aware that the Board does not ask for any copies of the administered question paper from its examinations centres. Therefore, all the Examination Centres located in the country and abroad, are hereby intimated that such
mails are frivolous and need not be responded or attended to.They are further directed not to send copies of any question paper and maintain the sanctity of the examination. In case of any need exigency, the undersigned would directly contact the centres.