Best Web Series That Entertained India In 2017

Best Web Series That Entertained India In 2017

We bring you the most trending and the most talked about Indian web series that entertained us thoroughly throughout the past year!

Web Series That Ruled 2017 And Our Hearts

While Bollywood remains our popular source of entertainment, web series are giving a tough competition to the appointment viewing that a movie theatre demands. For years, we were watching international shows from the comfort of our homes but in the past couple of years, the surge of Indian content online has pleased the viewers.

What started as an experiment with shows like Permanent Roommates and Pitchers, has turned into a revolution with many players in the market. Streaming giants like Amazon Prime and Netflix are exploring the maximum potential of the Indian market which has resulted in some great entertainment options for the audience.

2017 was an impressive year for Indian web shows. Here are 10 Indian web series that impressed the audience. (The order of this list is not as per ranking)

1. Laakhon Mein Ek

Created by Biswa Kalyan Rath, this series on Amazon Prime told the chilling tale of a boy whose parents desperately want him to get into IIT. The show highlighted the parental pressure, the machine-like way of manufacturing toppers and also focused on the mental health aspect of a teenager who has to undergo immense pressure just to make the society happy.

laakhon mein ek, biswa kalyan rath, amazon prime

2. Bose Dead/Alive

This AltBalaji series caught the attention of many mainly because of its lead actor Rajkummar Rao. The show was based on the conspiracy theory that Netaji did not die in that plane crash in 1945. The show was a strong effort but did not ace all the departments. Fortunately for us, Rajkummar saved the day.

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3. What the Folks

This Dice Media series was about a family who welcomes their son-in-law to live with them for a few days. The humour, the tension and even the awkwardness portrayal on screen in a likeable manner reaped results. Making What the Folks the most popular series in 2017.

what the folks

4. Fathers

For those who enjoyed TVF’s Tech Conversations with Dad, this show was quite impressive. Three middle-aged men are trying to establish a start-up and hilarity ensues. The show is perfectly cast and a certain must watch. It is one of the better web series of the year.

tvf fathers

5. Inside Edge

The show was the story a fictional cricket league that operates under the influence of betting and drugs. With a few Bollywood actors in its cast, the show managed to get many viewers hooked to its content. The power dynamics and the politics between the characters was a refreshing change for the viewers.

vivek oberoi, inside edge, angad bedi, richa chaddha, inside edge series

6. The Aam Aadmi Family (Season 2)

The Timeliners came back with the second season of The Aam Aadmi Family and managed to sustain the same level of humour that they did with their first season. With veteran actors like Brijendra Kala and Lubna Saleem in its cast, the show was made for a family audience, which is quite rare in the internet age.

the aam aadmi family

7. Going Viral

This web series on Amazon Prime starring Kunal Roy Kapur wasn’t a media lolly but surely deserves your attention in case you missed it. Set up in a media company that thrives on making their content viral, this show was a self-aware take on the digital platforms that package content for the likes. Breaking the fourth wall on most occasions, this show was a fresh take on the office comedy routine.

going viral

8. Bachelors (Season 2)

TVF’s Bachelors in 2017 was even better than its first season. The show about 4 bachelors trying to solve their regular and practical problems caught the fancy of the audience. Each episode was themed around a movie and while it was hilarious, the makers were visibly aware of not trying too hard and that worked in the show’s favour.

tvf bachelors

9. Rise

Starring Vikrant Massey, this show is a coming-of-age story of a young IT professional. The techie’s unexpected layoff prompts his adventure. His journey through the mountains is an experience and with an actor like Massey, the show packs a punch.


10. Office v/s office

This web series is surely a distant cousin of the famous TV show, The Office. It would be unfair to compare the two but the show does feel inspired. A comic tale of the inner workings of an office forms the plot of this show and with some excellent hilarious scenes, this show was one of the few that impressed the audience.

office vs office