Viral Video: Kerala Cleric Priest Breaking Into Killer Dance Moves – Watch Now!

Viral Video: Kerala Cleric Priest Breaking Into Killer Dance Moves – Watch Now!

Video Recording of a Kerala Cleric priest Breaking into killer dancer steps turns viral, again. Watch Father Merton D. Silva turning the heat up!

Kerala Priest Has Got Some Serious Dance Moves!

Are you amongst those who completed the studies in Christian Educational institutes or even if you are not, you might be conscious about the firm and strict clerics who head these institutes as well as colleges. They are frequently recognized as strict and are maybe the only cause why pupils consider retaining good conducts and control in cultural occasions. A priest better than anyone else knows how much it matters.


Dancing Priest

In a compelling challenge to how spiritual figures are depicted in pop society, movies and in genuine life as grave, calm and soft figures, a priest has shaken his legs in his special way into social media’s viral space and has made public chatting.

The priest proved all of us wrong, in the suavest way possible. A video recording of a cleric in Kerala, in the characteristic white dressing gown, breaking into breathtaking dance steps, is now the one to turn your sad mood happy!


Father Merton D. Silva with a bunch of youngsters dancing to the number. He possibly left his church associates’ mouths open as he started shaking his legs. Father Merton works as priest at St. Ambrose Church in Kerala’s Vypeen region,

Whilst gospel singing and dancing during worship in churches are fairly widespread. It is uncommon to witness a church cleric in white robes take part in a specially composed dance number. Especially, in place of delivering a lecture.

His moves were wonderful, isn’t it?